This Is Not the Samus You’re Looking For

If you’re seeing this entry, then you are viewing my site at its new home. Those of you who keep track of the IP addresses you visit will notice that has moved from to So what happened here?

My primary server for several years has been a box named Samus. It is a 1.0 GHz Athlon T-Bird with 1 GiB of RAM and several SCSI Ultra-2 hard drives, all running out of my home via my Speakeasy business-class 1.1 Mb SDSL line. Originally, the machine was a gaming rig I built for myself circa 2001, but it hasn’t seen that kind of action since I got my new laptop a few years back.

Finally, after all these years sitting next to my desk, I have grown weary of the heat, noise, and (most importantly) worrying about caring for the hardware. Of late, Samus has become quite finicky, often locking up with a machine check exception, and I just don’t have the time to care anymore. So, as part of the office decoration, I have decided it’s time for Samus to go. I have rented some hardware from VR Hosted, and have been working to transition Samus’s functions to the new machine. The only item that won’t work is the ArdCam. The hardware for the cam is actually plugged into Samus, so I have to find a way to run it locally. I’m kind of leaning towards a Mac Mini.

Henceforth, the new machine shall be known as Samus, and the old machine shall answer to … well … Oldsamus. At least until I decomission it. That day will be sad, but necessary.