Setting Trends in Weddings

Hedda ran across an article on Chicagoist talking about the possibility of holding weddings at The Cell (a.k.a. Comisky Park). From the entry:

A few months ago, we questioned some of the “fantasy experiences” that the White Sox offer, particularly the option to get married at the park. We know it might sound like an awesome idea to some guys… but we are pretty damn sure that there are no brides-to-be who would feel the same way.

I beg to differ. Hedda and I were married in a baseball stadium two-and-a-half years ago. Sure, it wasn’t a major league stadium, but we aren’t made of money! Furthemore, it was her idea!

So remember, Chicagoist, just because you haven’t met any totally awesome women doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I married one.