Two Guys Yelling

I was drawn to the front door by the cacophony of two men screaming at one another in Spanish. When I lowered the shade, I saw two men face to face in a, shall we say, extremely heated argument. Both men were hispanic. The first and calmer of the two was wearing a white tee-shirt with a black long-sleeve shirt underneath it, with very short brown hair. The second and angrier of the pair had long, stringy, jet-black hair, that almost seemed wet. He was wearing a black leather jacket. Both men wore tan, suede work boots.

Fearful of this escalating beyond a meer argument, I called 911. Dispatcher 5472 (I think) answered my call. I gave her my address and described the situation. She asked me for a description of the men, and then confirmed the address one more time. She also asked if I would like to leave my name and phone number, which I opted to do. Overall, she was quite professional.

After about ten minutes, the argument died down, and eventually the one in the leather jacket walked away. The one in the white shirt continued to loiter against the fence to our building.

Shortly thereafter, our upstairs neighbor and her mother came home and were unloading their car and carrying the items inside. The mother spoke to the man in Spanish (I think), questioning his presence. Eventually, they finished up, and he left shortly after.

A few minutes later, Hedda came home, and I related the story to her. She told me that she saw those two men in the alley just north of us.

And that’s it. I don’t know when the police finally responded, but thankfully the situation had blown over by then.