So you’ve somehow stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet. I hold no delusions that anybody besides me actually cares about my opinions, rantings, and thoughts.

So about what do I write? Anything that comes to mind. I work and play in the technology field, in both .NET and Java, so that is a common topic. I work for Apple, makers of some cool hardware and software, but don’t expect to hear much from me about my work. Prior to Apple, I worked for the Library of Congress for nearly seven years. I also think about lots of other things, and I spend a lot of time doing many different things. I’ll write about those, too. Feel free to ignore what I’m talking about. I categorize my ramblings to help make it a bit easier.

Cast of Characters

  • Brian – That’s me! I’m a computer geek. I like to read, play games, drink whisky, and watch the Cubs. I formerly served as an Advisory Neighborhood Comissioner in the District. I currently live with my wife Stefanie and our son Jacob in the Mount Pleasant neightborhood of Washington, DC.

  • Stefanie – My beautiful wife and best friend. She is an artist and designer, currently creating some amazing pieces.

  • Jacob – Our son, born in 2019.

  • Ryan – My best friend-I’m-not-married-to since before we both remember. Founding member of #highlanderz, game nerd like myself, and an Irishman with the weakest liver you’ve ever seen.