Teh Intartubes

Best APOD Ever

Do you know about the Astronomy Picture of the Day? It’s a site, courtesy of NASA, that showcases a cool, interesting, or sometimes funny picture that comes ...

Sans Garfield

I used to really enjoy reading Garfield as a kid, at least partially because we had a big cat that looked quite similar to the lasagna-loving feline. As I go...

Candle Cannon

The geek in me would be remiss if I didn’t post this video of the Candle Cannon, the biggest air vortex cannon ever created. Marvel and enjoy.


So apparantly the Lt. Governor of Illinois is publicly encouraging people to mail teabags to the utility company to protest a rate increase.

Flickr Is Down, and Yet Still Awesome

So Flickr is down due to a storage failure. As somebody who works on digital libraries trying to keep terabytes of storage online and available, I can empath...

Toilet Training In Japan

I’m just not sure what to say about this. It’s definitely potty humor, but it’s work safe … I think?

Accredited Witness

It’s official. I am an Accredited Witness of the Toast Game.

Is It A Chalice Or…

It’s like that old optical illusion, except for real. I’m sure their real fans will be getting them made of Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen.

A Meditation on the Speed Limit

Totally awesome. Via HuskyTed, check out what happens when everybody drives the speed limit. This is a fantastic example of how our laws are made to be broken.

Mike Furibundo’s Doppelgänger

I think there are still some Orangers who read my ramblings, and they might get a kick out of this. Everybody else may want to wander off.

Smart Car Crash Test

Europeans have a different idea about automobiles than we do. For many years, the price of gasoline across the pond has been higher than even the so-called h...