Tea bagSo apparantly the Lt. Governor of Illinois is publicly encouraging people to mail teabags to the utility company to protest a rate increase.

Do you think he’s realized yet precisely what he’s asking? I have no doubt this is going to become the next big Internet meme, with friends from around the world mailing one another teas of various flavors.

For their part, the post office notes that it is legal to send a tea bag through the postal system, but discourage the practice for fear of gumming up the sorting machines or being mistaken for some agent of biological terror. It seems a bit ridiculous to think a postal employee might mistake a bag of tea for anthrax. However, in the case of the peach detox tea I just sent one unsuspecting friend, I might be forced to agree if it were classified as a bioterror weapon.

Picture cropped from the original by Andrew Coulter Enright, used under a CC license.