Opera Browser Security: What Exactly Are They Protecting Me From?

Although I am a FireFox user, I have never heard anything bad about the Opera web browser. It is supposed to be fast, powerful, secure, and all-around one of the best browsers out there. I never tried it, though, because it cost money.

Recently, I learned that Opera no longer charges for their PC browser. I’m not sure how long this has been the case, but it definitely has prompted me to give it a try. I have downloaded the installer, and I’ll poke around with it a bit and maybe report what I find here, if anything.

Did these guys just step off a gay strip club stage?While I was browsing their site, however, I clicked on the link to the page highlighting Opera’s security features, and I was struck by the silliness of the pictures in the banner.

It seems the average Opera user is a pensive, impeccably-dressed, high-finance banker with a major case of five o’clock shadow; and the average Internet cracker is a gay S&M biker who, judging by the shameless leer on his face, is looking to anally rape our poor banker avatar. Fortunately for us, Opera’s myriad security features will save our collective bums from the impending travesty.

Seriously, Opera should consider just giving away free condoms like DC Snacks.