Time Is Relative, and the Scale Is Arbitrary

I’ve beeing seeing emails and posts - and hell, I think I might have even seen some skywriting - about this sequential date thing.

…the time and date, for the first time in all of humanity, will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

It’s usually preceded or followed closely by an important-sounding “This will never happen again,” as if to say, “Stop, and pay attention to the one-second passing of something amazing.”

Enough already! First of all, time is relative, so this is merely a localized phenomena. And even if Einstein had somehow totally boned us, our scale of time begins completely arbitrarily with the approximate birth of a major religious figure, and has been modified and changed so many times over the last two thousand years that nobody really knows what date it is anyway. Have you been keeping track of your leap seconds? Neither have I.

So just stop with this - it’s stupid and annoying and I’m tired of the spam. Or maybe I just really need my morning coffee.