Well Now, Look Who’s Got Some New Software

Right. So it’s after 3:00, and I’ve spent all afternoon and evening migrating my old site from Geeklog to Drupal.

But! I’ve got me some new blog software. And more than that - it’s software that can run my whole site, and not suck. Yeah, the total lack of any posts for the last several months has been directly related to the fact that I hated Geeklog with a passion. Sorry about that.

I’ve done some crazy mod_rewrite magic, so the important permalinks from before will redirect to their new homes. For example, the ever-popular VMDB_E_LAUNCH_PEER_FAILED post goes to its new home. Also, the old RSS feed transparently returns the new one.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. My wife is sure to be angry in the morning about distrubing her when I crawl into bed this late, but such is life. Cuz I got me some new blog software!

Ok. Now I’m going to go pass out.