Interview by Fox 5 News

I was interviewed by Fox 5 news this afternoon for a piece they are doing on neighborhood blogs, like the Logan Circle Updates blog. Robbie Chavez came by, and we talked for a while on camera about the effect the blog has had as a crime fighting tool, as well as a general neighborhood communication tool.

I think they are really an important tool for enhancing neighborhood communication. As I told him, when you move into a neighborhood, it’s really easy to find people to meet by just googling the name of your area. Unfortunately, the pseudo-anonymity provided by the commenting system sometimes allows trolls to post nasty comments, but it’s definitely important to provide that shield for those who may need to speak freely. Imagine if a police officer wanted to comment on the inneffectual response of the MPD during the recent crime wave, it would be difficult for them to do so without the ability to hide behind a pseudonym.

Right now, as I type this, the camera man is filming me typing, so I apologize if this sounds a bit more stilted than usual. It really is hard to type under pressure, and there’s nothing more pressuring than typing so you can look good on camera!