Santa Claus Drowns, Governments Miss Point

Some scientists in the EU made some sattelite imagery available showing that the arctic ice cap had melted so much this past summer that a passageway free of ice to the north pole had been created. They mention that heavy storms in that area are mostly to blame for the breakup of the ice, but the ice couldn’t have broken up if it hadn’t been dramatically thinned by the increasingly warmer polar temperatures.

The AP goes on:

There are geopolitical implications, too, as Canada, Russia and the United States jockey to claim rights over transpolar passages that open up within their newly ice-free waters.

Great. The climate of our planet has changed enough to melt the north pole, and our leaders are fighting over the shipping rights. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, this administration’s views on greenhouse gasses and global warming are well known. But don’t they realize the economic tragedy that’s about to ensue? I’m not talking about rising sea levels or more deadly storms. Santa Claus lives at the north pole, and since it has melted, that means he’s drowned! Without Santa Claus, the Great American Christmas Shopping Orgy will grind to a halt, ruining our economy and sending our nation spiraling into depression.

I pulled this link to a Post article talking about the White House’s new plans to combat global warming, but I haven’t read it. Nor do I intend to. I simply don’t believe a single word they say. Will this new plan be somehow better than Kyoto? Will this new plan finally raise our gas mileage standards and cut our nation’s carbon emissions? Maybe, but that’s not its true purpose. It’s there because it’s politically expediant, nothing more.