I’m Rooting For A Chicago Team to Beat the Astros

I’m a Cubs fan. There, I’ve said it. It’s out there now, and if hangs in the air like a haze of unspoken tension, then so be it. So this world series, like the fifty before, is really not all that interesting to me. My team isn’t playing.

But I’m from Chicago, and when a Chicago team is in a championship, you root for them. For example, I generally despise basketball, but I cheered for the Bulls through their domination of the 90s. Granted, I never actually watched a Bulls game, but good wishes flowed from the cockles of my heart. It’s the same with the Sox.

Except that they’re playiing the Astros. The accursed Astros! One of the (many) banes of my beloved Cubs! If a team can defeat them in the series, and crush their smug spirit by just a little bit, then perhaps that will carry over until next year. And there’s always next year.

So root, root, root for the Other-Baseball-Team-From-Chicago, if they don’t win it’s a shame!

And let’s sweep Houston.