Logan Circle News Blog

The Logan Circle Updates blog, very recently created by our friends Chris and Jennifer, is getting quite a lot of press lately. It was covered on the local news, as well mentioned by DC Blogs.

There was some initial resistance to the idea on the local email list, as many people had grown used to receiving updates via email, but the blog is an idea whose time has come. Not only does it leverage the still-sexy-to-the-media buzzword blog, but it has an RSS feed that I can throw into my favorite aggregator. I’m all for it!

The downside is that all of this activity has been spawned by a fairly major upswing in violent robberies in our neighborhood. Such undesirable activity also correlates to an upswing in the membership of various local community organizations. While it’s easy to bemoan that people only become involved when something bad happens, it is vital to not forget that the number of members retained after these issues are resolved will be directly proportional to the value and effort of these organizations in helping resolve them.

And besides, the magnitude of the response is a wonderful indicator of the positive direction in which the neighborhood continues to proceed. Neighbors are coming together to fight for their homes, and it makes me proud, happy, and secure in our choice to live in Logan Circle.

The bastards don’t have a chance.