Started Swimming

Following an episode that can only be characterized as a back muscle cramp, in which I was unable to sit up in bed, I sought medical advice from a professional. Fortunately, they found nothing either acutely or chronically wrong, and the diagnosis was that I simply spend too much time at a desk with too little exercise.

If it sounds like this might be a diagnosis for a good chunk of the population, particularly those in my profession, you’re probably right. So, on the advice of said medical professional, I joined the YMCA so as to begin swimming three times per week.

After three weeks of false starts, I finally made my way to their pool this morning. Despite the cold drizzle sulleying the dawn, I jogged over to 17th & Rhode Island, swam some laps, and then walked home.

So, some things I learned this morning:

  1. The pool is relatively empty at 8:30.
  2. They have really nice facilities at this Y, including a sauna, towel service, and very clean semi-private showers.
  3. I have no stamina … yet.
  4. Drinking espresso even an hour before you go exercise is a bad idea. I almost threw up in the shower on my way back to the locker room.

I have to keep this up, though, because otherwise my back will only get worse. Fortunately, I’ve only had that one occurance, but that is more than enough to never want one again.