ArdCam - Now With 37% More Salt!!

For those crazy ArdCam watchers out there, you’ll be happy to know I have just moved the camera off of my laptop and on to Samus. So why should this make you happy? Well, Samus is my Linux server running this site, and it is always on. So that means that the camera’s operational status is no longer tied directly to whether or not I plug it in or turn on the driver software. It will be snapping pictures 24/7 every 10 seconds. Plus it puts a cool little watermark on the picture.

The only downside is that the software sometimes makes the image look awful and washed-out. I’ll be mucking with the settings to see if I can improve that, but don’t hold your breath. If you get a washed-out image, and you absolutely need your Brian picture, then just wait a few seconds and refresh. It usually corrects itself after a few snapshots.