Stupid Quiz with Cool Graphic

Courtesy of Husky Ted, I took this silly quiz about my social tendencies. I don’t normally post these kinds of disposable Internet junk sites, but I think the psuedo-Venn diagrams used to visualize the various descriptions is very cool and well done.

And if you’re wondering, my result was Category I - The Hub. “You’re a ‘people person’. Networking runs in your blood. Consequently, you can move through most social circles with ease.”

That’s a very interesting result when coupled with the my extreme introversion. It could be stated, “I am good at and enjoy socializing with many different people, but it is very draining. Such activity requires a non-trivial amount of time alone to recharge.” Hedda and I have often discussed this because she is extremely extroverted. She draws an amazing amount of energy from a large group of people, and it allows her to run in those situations almost continuously. Anecdotally, my own introversion was very well demonstrated during my recent trip back to the midwest for Nate and Kathy’s wedding. After visiting people for over a week, by the end of my time there I was exhausted and aching to get home again.