Why, Specifically, the New iPod Nano Sucks

Everybody is talking about the new iPod Nano. I mean everybody. I can’t refresh my RSS reader without stumbling across yet another review of the thing, like this one from Ars. However, not a single one of them is telling you why the new iPod Nano sucks. But I will.

The new iPod Nano sucks because the Meizu Miniplayer M6 is smaller, has a bigger screen, costs less, and has already been out for over a year. Don’t believe me? Let’s review, with a similar table to the one I put together last time. I’ll be comparing the 4GB models here, but there are also 8GB models available for each.

Feature New Nano Miniplayer Winner
Storage 4 GB 4 Gb Tie
Screen 2″ 2.4″ Miniplayer
Weight 1.74 oz. 1.94 oz. Nano (barely)
Thickness 6.5mm 10mm Nano
FM Tuner No Yes Miniplayer
Movies Yes Yes Tie
Photos Yes Yes Tie
Formats AAC,MP3,AIF,WAV MP3,WMA,OGG,WAV Miniplayer (no DRM!)
Touch Interface Yes Yes Miniplayer (it doesn’t take up half the device)
Built-in Microphone No Yes Miniplayer
Games Yes Yes Tie
Cost $149.00 $99.00 Miniplayer

Overall winner: Meizu Miniplayer, by a long shot. Unless 0.2 ounces and 3.5 millimeters are worth a 17% smaller screen and paying $50 more. Oh, I guess I forgot that you get to be an Apple drone, too.

Don’t give in to the marketing hype: The new iPod Nano sucks. Buy a Meizu Miniplayer instead.

All technical specs obtained from the official Meizu Miniplayer M6 specs and the offical iPod Nano specs. Prices taken from the Apple store and a Google product search.