What the Future Holds

If you know anything about my sociopolitical reasonings, you know that the unsustainability of our current way of life is forefront to how I view the world. In our industrialized society, that sustainability hinges on the abundance of cheap energy - mostly from fossil fuels. As the fossil fuels begin to deplete, we will no longer be able to run our economy as we have for the last 100 years. Worse, the cheap resources has allowed us to blindly over-extended ourselves beyond the carrying capacity of the planet, meaning that our fall will be that much farther.

Of all the places that you might read a good introductary discussion on this topic, an article in Rolling Stone magazine is not one I would have expected. It gives a nice wholistic view of the problems and a reasonable prediction for where we may lead ourselves in the future. If you think it’s all doom-and-gloom, think again - this article is perhaps the most hopeful I’ve read.

God it scares me.