Tickets to the Cowboys Game

Last night, Hedda surprised me with an early Christmas gift. She got us tickets to this Sunday’s match-up between my beloved Cowboys and their nemisis the Redskins. Isn’t she the greatest wife ever?

Let me tell you: It’s not easy being a Cowboys fan here in DC. Simply wearing regalia with the logo on it is enough to elicit physical violence from some of the rapid Redskins fans, and it is all but required to swear fealty to Joe Gibbs in order to obtain a driver’s license.

Regardless, I’ll be there cheering for some sweet revenge for the earlier heartbreaking loss in week two.

I wonder if I can get my mom to overnight my Cowboy boots from home…

And many thanks to our friend and season ticket holder Bill, who was willing to sell Hedda his pair for one of the biggest games of the season.