The Wayback Machine Saves The Day - Windows 3.1 Review Returns

So here’s a comment I wasn’t expecting:

Windows 3.1 review, where? Where can I find the review of Windows 3.1? I keep trying to find it on this post: but the “review” keeps linking to the main technology post page, and I can’t find the review. I’m SO curious to see the review with screenshots, so can anyone tell me how to get it?

I can only presume that jen26059 is referring to the Windows 3.1 review I posted about almost two years ago. And whoops! It seems that it got lost during my transition from Geeklog to Drupal. Normally, I could just go back to the old site, except that I never moved the old content in the transition from the Old Samus to New Samus. What’s worse, Old Samus had already been nuked. Oh no! The review is gone forever!

But wait! There’s one more hope! Yes! The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has snapshots of my site, including some very old old old versions of my site. This also includes the missing review.

So, I have recreated the original page based on the old HTML. You can find it here. Enjoy!