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  • The Marion Barry: A Shot In Honor Of The Former Mayor-For-Life

    Posted on February 16th, 2010 Brian No comments

    It’s been a big news day for the former mayor-for-life.  The investigations into his use of earmarks have finally boiled over with the release of the Bennett Report.  The upshot?  His goose is cooked.

    This seems an opportune time to introduce to a broader audience the shot we invented on this year’s Marion Barry Day.  I give to you: The Marion Barry.

    1. One part Stoli Blackberry
    2. One part Southern Comfort
    3. One part Blue Curacao
    4. One part grenadine
    5. Drink up, slam the glass, and holler in your best just-got-caught-with-crack-in-a-hotel-room voice, “Bitch set me up!”

    The concoction is sweet and quite drinkable, and is rife with symbolism.  The Stoli Blackberry is because the marionberry is a subspecies of blackberry.  The Southern Comfort makes it in because the former mayor-for-life was born in Mississippi.  And the Blue Curacao and grenadine are there for flavor, and because together the purple hue they create reminds us of the purple velour jogging suit the elder councilmember has been known to sport from time-to-time.

    Originally called “The Bitch Set Me Up”, we re-named it to be a bit more obviously associated with the man.


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    • I am a sommelier so I immediately understood the reference you made with the black berry line (I still checked the link just to confirm that was where you were going.) Not for nothing, I do hope you understand how offense could be inferred from that statement. Just offering a friendly piece of unsolicited advice.

    • It’s hard to pick a more appropriate fruit to represent Marion Barry than the marionberry – it’s his freakin’ name! If somebody happens to takes offense that it’s a blackberry, which just so happens to have the word black in it, then I will laugh at that person for being hyper-sensitive.

      Thanks for the note of concern, though.