I Am Not A Search Engine; Google Didn’t Buy Me; Please Don’t Sue Me

The big news from the Google front yesterday was their purchase of Aardvark, a search engine that leverages social connections to find folks who might know the answer to your question.  It’s pretty cool looking technology, which you can try for yourself at vark.com, but all the hype is prompting me to make a few points here.

  1. I am a person, not a search engine.
  2. Google didn’t buy me.
  3. Ardvaark is spelled differently from Aardvark, which is way different than vark.
  4. The name Ardvaark (or the variation Jr. Ardvaark) has been my handle since I first started coding a quarter century ago.
  5. The domain ardvaark.net has been my personal home page on the web since 2001.
  6. My site ends in dot-net, not dot-com.
  7. So you see, Google, there’s no cyber-squatting here.  Please don’t sue  me.

That is all.