Simple Solution for AirSet Desktop Synchronization Problems on Vista

I use AirSet for my calendar needs. Quite simply, it’s the most powerful calendar system out there, easily besting 30 Boxes and Google Calendar in just about every way.

One of the awesome things it can do is synchronize with all of the popular desktop PIM systems, including Outlook and Palm! Since I still have a Palm Tungsten T which sees me through my every-day life, this is a huge win!

Unfortunately, when I upgraded to Vista a few months back, I was unable to get AirSet to properly hotsync with my Palm. Recently, I had an epiphany, and found a simple solution that worked. Google doesn’t seem to yield any reasonable hits on this topic, so this is yet another of those Just-Get-Something-On-The-Web blog entries.

Running AirSet Desktop Sync as AdministratorLike so many compatibility issues with Vista, the problem stems from the new security lock-down mechanisms. It turns out that the solution is simply to run the AirSet Desktop Sync program with Administrator privileges. This is the program that sets up the sync operation to work with the Hotsync daemon, running in the background, so it’s a one-time thing. Just right-click on the AirSet Desktop Sync icon, and choose “Run as administrator”. Go through the setup normally, and when you’re all done, it should just work!