I Found Stoney’s

Chris and I were having lunch over at Logan Tavern, and looking over his shoulder I noticed a new sign on the strip that hadn’t been there the day before.

Yes, located halfway between 14th and 15th on P Street NW is the new location of Stoney’s. After having been forced out of their long-time L Street location, they promised to return, and so they have. And hardly farther than we had to walk before!

While the sign is up, the interior is still clearly under construction. A peek in the open door revealed the most of the bar and woodwork completed, although the dining area was still filled with shiny, new, stainless steel industrial kitchen equipment.

Hopefully soon we will all be re-united with Stoney’s famous Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Logan Tarvern officially has some major competition on this über-hippy strip of Logan Circle. Hopefully their presence will help restore some of the local cred that strip lost when Starbucks opened their doors a while back.