No Backup On Battery in Vista

With the release of Vista SP1, I decided it would be a good time to back up my computer - in case something went horribly wrong. Better safe than sorry, or somesuch. But when I tried to run a backup this morning, I was rebuffed with this inscrutable message.

The backup application could not start due to an internal error: You cannot create a backup or change backup settings when your computer is running on battery power.  Attach a power cord and try again. (0x8100000B) Please check your system configuration and try again.

It got it right - I was running on battery power. But, really? This is the best you can do? I mean, I’m sure there’s some really good Raymond Chen reason for why I can’t or shouldn’t or Microsoft-knows-best reason I haven’t thought of as to why this is. I can come up with several on my own, in my head.

At least tell me why I can’t start a backup on battery power. As it is, I feel like I need to jump through a hoop for no reason at all.