New Music: The Format - Dog Problems

Unlike most of the people who frequent Murky with their laptops, I normally do not put on my headphones unless their is no music playing, bad music playing, or obnoxious people talking loudly. I enjoy the exposure to the new and different groups, albums, genres, and styles that the ecclectic mix of people behind the counter choose to play; most of the time it is nothing too special, but occasionally I discover something new.

I was working there a few days ago, and I found my concentration consistently broken by the music playing in the background. I approached the counter and inquired as to the artist and album, and was informed that it was “Dog Problems” by The Format. I quickly purchased the tracks on my favorite music store, and have given it a more thorough listening.

Verdict: Damn Good. Highly recommended.

Their sound is a crisp alternative rock, with some great instrumentals standing out in every part of the music. Think of the clever instrumental use by Modest Mouse, and then make it a bit less edgy and a lot more integrated and harmonious. The tunes are catchy, the lyrics are intelligent and interesting, and the rhythms are clever.