Need a Decompiler

When I was still at Avanade, I wrote myself a little program called MoleMan to manage my SSH tunnels. It was really useful because I would often disconnect from the wired network and go wireless, and I wanted my tunnels to automatically re-connect. However, when I left the company, I accidentally left the source code on my laptop, which got wiped. All I had left was my binary install of the latest version that I had installed at home.

Fortunately, I had sent my friend Greg, of Neko fame, a copy of my source code a few weeks earlier. Well, there are a couple of bugs in MoleMan, and I want to fix them and release the program to others who might find it useful. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I made some major changes to the program between the time I sent Greg the source and the final version I’m running. So I need a decompiler.

I found a good list, but unfortunately none of the free tools will do an entire assembly in at once. And everything else is not free.

Does anybody know of a good, free C# de-compiler that will do entire assemblies at once? If so, please let me know.

Update: I have discovered the FileDisassembler plugin for Reflector. Contrary to the name, it actually does de-compile, and it seems to generate pretty good code. I’ll start from here and see how it works.