Guster, Ben, and Rufus Oh My!

I just got back from attending the Guster/Ben Folds concert at Wolf Trap with Hedda, Katie, Chris, and a couple of other friends. Hedda and I mostly went for Guster, and Katie mostly went for Ben, but it was a simply awesome show all the way around.

To begin with, Guster and Ben are on tour as co-headlines, swapping the top spot often. Rufus Wainwright is opening with a good act, although it’s tough to understand him most of the time. Guster put on a good show, play several of their best songs, including the not-so-often-played “Two at a Time” off their latest album. Ben played a mix of old, new, and newer-than-new. However, the highlights of the evening were definitely the guest spots by the different bands.

Guster played with Rufus, Ben accompanied Guster with a cha-cha-ified version of “Happier,” Rufus sang a hilarious cover of “Never Gonna Dance Again” with Ben, and then Guster and Ben closed out the pre-encore show with a phenomenal number. The exciting thing about this tour is the synergy between the three groups together. They parts are awesome by themselves, but together they make a show that is far more than the sum of themselves. If you like any or all of these guys, and you get a chance to snag some tickets, jump on it. You’ll be happy you did.

Guster is for Lovers!