My First CDC Meeting

I am an appointed representative from ANC 2F03 to the Community Development Committee, or CDC if you’re into abbreviations. We make recommendations as to the proper course of action on development matters to the ANC as a whole. Oh, I should mention: That’s development as in construction and zoning, not software.

Tonight was my first meeting - my first ever in a public role - and it was quite interesting. The topics ranged from a zoning appeal for a business in a residential zone, to variance on parking space size requirements because of a robotic elevator-based parking system being installed in some upcoming construction. We voted unanimously to recommend against the latter and in favor of the latter, by the way.

It was an interesting process, and I am definitely behind the curve. I’m going to have to pick up a lot of background information on a topic for which I have no natural talent. It’s going to be interesting, but the challenge is exciting.