Maryland Senate Race Covers Cardin, Steele, and Mfume - Why Not Zeese?

My wife is a central staffer on the Kevin Zeese for U.S. Senate campaign. As occurred during the presedential elections two years ago, I am once again “campaign widower.” She works long days trekking about Maryland and coordinating campaign staff and events, and even when she is home much of her time is spent answering emails and returning phone calls. Getting a guy elected is hard work!

If running a candidate for Senate isn’t hard enough, her work is made even harder by the mainstream media consistently failing to recognize her candidate.

The media spotlight has been focused on Maryland the last few days, no doubt drawn by the massive, systemic election system failures like frenzied pirhannas swarming a cow in the Amazon. In the last few days I’ve noted a few things coming across my feeds:

Not a single mention of the name Kevin Zeese. Sure, all of these articles are technically about the Democratic party, their candidates, and processes - but each of them makes the implicit assumption that the race is a face-off between Cardin and the Republican nominee, Michael Steele. Mr. Steele’s name is mentioned several times throughout each, and the tacit implication is that there is no other candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Kevin has the nominations of three seperate political parties in Maryland, and has been invited to participate in four seperate three-way debates with the Republican and Democratic candidates. And with 20% (!) of the voters in Maryland formally registered independent, failure to legitimize his candidacy through media acknowledgement is at best shoddy reporting. At worst, it is a blatant lie of omission.