Leaving the Library, Joining Apple

Yesterday I announced my impending departure from the Library of Congress at an all-hands meeting of the group I helped form.  My last day will be May 14.  I’ve spent seven years at the Library, and every one of them has been fantastically rewarding.  I have learned so much through the successes and failures, and I couldn’t have asked for a more dynamic and intelligent group of people to work alongside.  It has truly been an honor.

I will be moving on to exciting new territory, however.  I have accepted a position with Apple, and the thrill of working for such a dynamic company on ground-breaking technology cannot be overstated.  Those who know me know I’ve had my ups and downs with Apple over the years, from buying an iPhone to decrying DRM.  None of that changes my commitment and interest in Doing Cool Things.  And Apple is certainly Doing Cool Things.  I can’t wait to begin.

Finally, Hedda and will not be moving to California.  I will be spending a fair amount of time in Cupertino, but our home base will remain in the District.