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  • Huge New Target Opens – We Won’t Be Shopping

    Posted on March 6th, 2008 Brian No comments

    The new Target store is open, and it seems everyone is excited about shopping there. It’s undoubtedly good news for the neighborhood, and good news for the District, but unfortunately it’s not good news for Hedda and I. We won’t be shopping there.

    See, we’ve been personally boycotting Target for several years, since learning that they tolerate pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for the morning-after pill. It’s a hard boycott for us, because we both really like the store, their merchandise, and their prices. But as long as Target values the personal and arbitrary religious beliefs of an employee more than the professional medical opinion of a board-certified physician, then they won’t see a dime from us.


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    • Christopher Schultz

      God forbid that Target should respect the beliefs of its employees. I suppose that Muslim employees shouldn’t be allowed to have short breaks throughout the day for prayer because some atheist might need help with a toilet brush. 🙁

      I honestly find that your self-imposed boycott represents an overly reactive and heavy-handed response to what amounts to a relatively minor issue (slippery-slopes aside, pharmacists in these cases are required to turn the case over to another pharmacist at the same location). Prohibiting an employee from making this kind of personal statement (“I refuse to sell this ‘evil’ product”) is tantamount to violation of the first amendment.

    • Yea! That’s totally my fault…too bad for Target that I vote with my brain and my dollars!


    • I remember how old that story is, sounds like the policy has changed since then
      there are a bunch of stories of druggist suing target because they have been fired for refusing perscription for the morning after pill. I just googled morning after pill target