How To Bypass Wikipedia’s Stupid SOPA Blackout

Partial Wikipedia logo So if you’ve been to Wikipedia at all today, you have no doubt noticed that instead of your desired web page, you’re instead being shown a big, black page directing you to take action to prevent Congress from passing a really stupid piece of legislation called SOPA. It’s a really bad law which will infringe free speech and basically break the Internet all at the behest of some already-stupidly-wealthy special interests. I definitely encourage you to take action against SOPA if you haven’t already.

Some of us have work to do, though, and besides being a great resource on Justin Bieber’s hair, Wikipedia also has a plethora of important and useful technical information. Fortunately for us, Wikipedia chose about the most brain-dead way possible to implement their blackout: a script. So, if you would like to bypass their blackout, simply block the following URL using your favorite ad blocker in your browser: