And Then There Was Wordpress

My last post here was October, 2008.  I’m sure nobody missed my rantings and ravings here, but I missed the ranting and raving.  There were dozens of times over the last several months when I wanted to post, but the pain of editing with MODx was just too great.

It’s not that MODx is bad.  It’s actually quite fancy, with lots of features and flexibility — too many features and too much flexibility.  It works best for a site with somebody who has lots of time to Make It Go.  I didn’t.

And so The Dumping Ground languished.  The layout was ugly.  The posts were infrequent.  And many times Twitter would fill the gaps, staunching the need for expression one hundred forty characters at a time.

In the meantime, I had been shephearding the new Logan Circle Community Association website through development.  The company developing it built it on top of Wordpress.  I was surprised at how far it had come, how much easier it was to use than I recalled.  I decided to finally make the move.

I spent a good portion of my recent trip back to Indiana poking at PHPMyAdmin, downloading plugins, and futzing with CSS.  And this afternoon, Greg informed me he had cut me over.  And here it is.

I’ll be around here more, but I also Tweet a lot more, too.  I don’t Facebook, although the pressure to is nearly irresistable.  I did my best to keep the old links alive, redirecting to new URIs; if you find a broken one, please let me know.