Worry Wort

I just returned from the bank. I am holding in my hand a very large certified check, and my account balance looks far less impressive. I have butterflies in my stomach, and I can’t concentrate on work at all. I am very jealous of Heather. She has an important meeting today that has been occupying her thoughts. But me? I’ve been dwelling. I’ve been worrying. I’ve been fretting. Will all the paperwork be there? Do I have everything I need for this afternoon? What if something happens to the check? Will my hand cramp up, making me unable to sign the requisite life away? Am I insane? Is this normal?

I got an email from the sellers. They have agreed to replace the PVC sink drain pipe in the half bathroom with chrome. So that’s good.

And so I sit here, waiting, staring at this check. I think I’m going to put my paper shredder out on the porch, just in case.