Working in the Park

I got my new backpack from Amazon yesterday. Amazingly, I got a shipping notice at 1:22, and the package had arrived by 13:00! That was fast!

So to test it out, I took a trip into The District to work in DuPont Circle. Working in the park is great fun. There are interesting people everywhere. They are sitting, jogging, reading, and playing speed chess. And I was in the middle of it all, sitting on the lawn chatting on IRC and working. It was wonderful to be sitting in such an urban environment again. I really like the neighborhood, and I hope Hedda and I can find a reasonably priced place to buy there in the upcoming months.

The backpack is pretty much as I expected. It’s really big, and is a bit unwieldy. It’s definitely overkill for situations like going to the coffee house, but it will be perfect for the longer trips. In short, it’s overall more versatile at the expense of some manageability. The only downside is that the zippers are all small and weak-looking. That’s not so bad on some of the front pockets, but the big laptop pouch should have a big, industrial-strength zipper on it. At least Targus offers a lifetime warranty.