Why I Keep Buying Nintendos

This article on Nintendo’s Genre Innovation Strategy made the rounds a while ago, but it came up in conversation about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution. It took me a while to find it again, so it’s going into my long-long-term memory - a.k.a. here. It’s a good read, although it’s a long read.

When I worked at Avanade, I used to get tons of crap from Mike Wood and Kevin Kelly and Adam Wenger for not owning an XBox. I always had trouble explaining why I didn’t own one - the best I could say was something along the lines of, “There just aren’t any good games for it.”

This article really helped me understand why I continually find myself with a Nintendo system, despite all the hoopla over the other major consoles. I’m not a video-game addict, I’m an innovation addict.