Three Tequila Night

Kasey turned 26 last night, and she invited Hedda and I over to her new place down in Water Front for a birthday/housewarming party. Unfortunately, Hedda and I had to leave by 00:30 because she had to work this morning. That’s unfortunate not only because we had to leave a party, but because it was one of the coolest parties I’ve been to in a long, long time.

I’m a pretty wordly, open-minded person. However, because of the structure of my life, I tend not to meet people who are very different than myself. On the other hand, Kasey has met just about everybody in the world and is good friends with them. The amazing diversity of guests criss-crossed gender, racial, social, cultural, and political boundaries. I rarely have the opportunity to experience a crowd like that; and it was a crapload of fun. The number of people I hope I get to see again is greater than I can count on both hands, and that’s pretty rare for me.

This morning I’ve been trying to figure out how I wasn’t utterly destroyed last night. I had a lot to drink. The list includes a couple vodka & cokes, several cups of “Secret Punch,” a psuedo-Kamakazi, some bizzare mixture of apple Pucker and vodka, and three huge shots of tequila. This was all consumed in the period of about three hours, and I was in good shape. I’m fine this morning, too. It just doesn’t make sense. Perhaps I was channeling Dad? That would have been appropriate.

So thanks for a good time, Kasey; and Happy Birthday!