The Mole Man Cometh, and Gets Chopped Out With a Scalpel

Here’s one entry you probably weren’t expecting:

So I have this mole on my chest. It’s pretty much smack-dab in the center, and it’s been there for as long as I can remember. I’m rather conscientious about taking proper care of my body, so I have always made sure to periodically examine it (and a few others) for any noticable change that might portend the beginnings of melanoma. I don’t believe there’s any history of skin cancer in my family, although I do have rather fair skin and a proclivity for sun burn.

Last week, the mole got angry. It was bright red, raised off the skin, and seemingly inflamed. It glared back at me like some sort of tiny, rabid alien on my chest whenever I looked in the mirror, a sight that I’m sure was more distrubing in my mind than in reality. Regardless, I made an appointment with a dermatologist for this morning.

She looked at it, and declared that she believes that it’s not much to worry about. Indeed, she said it was scaled in a manner similar to dandruff. Despite her belief that it was benign, she recommended that it be scraped and sent for testing - which was done a few minutes later.

So, many dollars and a minor surgery later, I have a red scabby spot on my chest where my mole used to be, and presumably still is, hiding underneath. I should have the test results in two weeks, but at this point there are no worries.