Taxis Parking In The Not-Even-Finished Bike Lane

Though I don’t think construction is completed yet, the new contra-flow bike lane on 15th Street is looking pretty good.  Except for the cars parking in it. I snapped this photo just south of Rhode Island Avenue, with a cabbie parked in what is a clearly marked bike lane.  Worse, half a block north there was a postal worker doing the exact same thing!

The excuse both times was that “it wasn’t open yet.”  Okay, then if the bike lane is still under construction, why are they parking in a construction zone?!

Cabbies Parked in the Contra-Flow Bike Lane on 15th Street NW

I fear this portends problems for the future of this bike lane.  The flippant attitude of DC drivers towards bike lanes is well documented, but this is just ridiculous.  A solution needs to be found.  Perhaps some sort of partial curb or pylon preventing cars from backing into the bike lane?  Or maybe some caltrops?

What do you think would help?

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