Super Bowl XLI

I’m a Cowboys fan, and typically care very little for any Super Bowl featuring any team other than America’s. However, in the case of Super Bowl XLI, I find myself rooting for what would otherwise be my home-town team. Da Bears.

(XLI is forty-one, for those of you who are Roman-numeral-impaired. They aren’t just some fancy-sounding letters, despite my desire to stick them between the make and model of a car and the word coupe.)

Hedda is of course rooting for them, too. She has always been a much bigger fan than me. She will be wearing her original 1985 Super Bowl XX t-shirt today, with great fervor. Me? I’m wearing an orange and navy sweater - the closest I come to owning anything with Chicago’s colors.

So anyway, go Bears! You deserve it after twenty-one years. As for the Colts: Count On Losing The Superbowl.