Specialty Bunnies Are Their Own Color

Mike writes, “Brian, on specialty bunnies read the instructions that came with the booster. Any 3 bunnies gets 2 cards.” The instructions actually say, “If a player has a pair and a single Specialty Bunny, it totals 3, and the player may play two cards per turn.” Mike is interpreting “pair” to mean any pair of similarly colored bunnies, which is what we discussed before. However, if you read the entire paragraph describing specialty bunnies, the rules implicitly define pair to be a specialty bunny that has a pair of bunnies on it. This rule is simply meant to clarify that having only two cards, one with a pair of specialty bunnies and the other with only a single specialty bunny, is enough to count for double-play rule. It does not at all imply that a specialty bunny may be used to complete a set.

So, as I’ve said before, “specialty” is in essence a whole different “color” of bunny.

For those of you who have been completely confused by this entry, I am discussing the card game Killer Bunnies & The Quest for the Magic Carrot. Check it out!