Slush Mountain

The derth of updates to the blog over the past weeks has been due to my particpation in the annual ski trip. This year’s trip was made to Powder Mountain, Utah. We were pretty worried about the conditions, since they were predicting temperatures between fifty and seventy during the day. It turns out that our worries were well founded. It was very warm on the mountain, and most of the “snow” was in fact either ice or slush, depending on whether you were in either the shadow or sun. Ski bums refer to this as “spring conditions.” I refer to it as “utter crap.”

Regardless of the conditions, we were able to have a great time. We discovered that skiing was best in the early morning and late afternoon. Lunchtime was the worst, since the sun was warmest, making the snow very slow. Powder Mountain is a beautiful place, and is relatively unknown among the big Utah ski resorts. As such, it’s not too crowded. I really want to go back when I actually need to wear my coat, and there is actually fresh snow on the ground.

Actually, I’m lying. There was one day when we woke up to cold temperatures and four inches of fresh powder. Of course, that would be the day we left. Doh!

If you want to check out some pictures, look here. I’ve also created a pretty cool video. (~70MB, low-res here)

Updated 2006-07-08: Unfortunately, I lost the pictures when my hard drive died. The movie is still alive, but it has moved to Google Video.