Requiem for a Blog, or Young Bloggenstein

The DCist is mourning the death of Mayor Tony Williams’ blog. You see - and I never knew this - “a blog that goes without an update for 30 days or more is considered dead.” You learn something new every day! And while I never really read the mayor’s blog, it’s too bad his experiment didn’t pan out.

Or didn’t it?!

After all, prior to my new blog software, the last entry I posted was in May! That’s over five months, or in circadian metric, over 150 days! My blog was dead, buried in a shallow grave, and decomposing - in other words: kaput.

Fortunately for me, the death must have been at the hands of a shambling zombie hungry for tastey blog-brains. So just in time for Halloween, my blog has been ressurrected from the dead, ready for its own morbid rampage. You best be watchin’ your back, Steve - all that object-oriented grey matter over there looks might tasty….