On To Game Seven

Wow was that miserable. If you don’t know what happened, the Cubs just lost 8-3. They were up 3-0, and then the Marlins scored eight runs in the eighth inning.

The controversial part was a potential fan interference when Alou tried to catch a foul ball that was out of play.

Everybody was badmouthing this poor fan. Fox was circling him in blue pen on the screen. I can’t imagine what he’s going to go through at work tomorrow. I think he will have to move, since he won’t ever be able to show his face in public in Chicago again. But really, it wasn’t his fault. Any one of us would have done the same thing. Think about it: There’s a foul ball, you’re looking up, you want to catch it. You don’t know Moises is trying to make a miracle catch. And then you realize you messed up the play, and then all the rest of the runs in the inning are somehow on your shoulders.

Still, if Alou had only made that catch…