Nintendo Replacing Wii Remote Straps

In some games, playing the Wii can be very physical. Wii sports, for example, takes its cue from real sports: The harder you play, the better you’ll do. However, to the shock of its Japanese designers, we Americans have been taking things to the extreme. As usual. There have been many reports of Wii remotes flying out of sweaty hands, breaking their protective wrist straps (meant just for this purpose), and wreaking all sorts of havoc - ranging from smashed television to dented walls and broken light bulbs.

You don’t need to swing that hard, people!

Despite us, Nintendo is doing the right thing and freely replacing the straps. They have an online Wii strap replacement form, and they even allow you to obtain more than one strap - in case you have managed to wrestle another Wiimote from a mobbed store. You will probably want to order four no matter what, in case you are planning on buying more controllers in the future, and they happen to come with old, crappy straps.