New Phone for Me

I bought a new phone today. The volume control on my trusty T68i broke while I was at GenCon, which really isn’t all that big of a problem by itself. However, there was also a bug in the firmware that caused the volume to get set to zero whenever I connected to the GPRS network. Since I tend to do that a lot, the two problems make the phone unusable for me.

In its stead is a T647. It has all the great features of my T68i, along with a camera phone. I’m not really all into the camera, but it will be fun to finally be able to catch some of those “you had to be there” moments. Fortunately for me, my Palm Tungsten T works just fine thinking it’s a T68i, and my laptop works perfectly as well. The same magic number even works for setting it up as a GPRS gateway. (For those keeping track, that magic number is *99***1#.)

I would also like to say that whoever came up with the SIM card idea for GSM is a frickin’ genius. My phone upgrade took three steps:

  1. Save my address book to the SIM card.
  2. Move the SIM card to the new phone.
  3. Load my address book off the SIM card.

And that’s just awesome.