New Hybrid: Morning Sci-Fi

Many people have heard Hybrid’s music, even if they have never heard of Hybrid. Their track Finished Symphony (mp3) has been featured in the Too-Fun-For-Its-Own-Good Snowboarding game SSX and its mega-successful sequal SSX Tricky, in the “Untracked” courses. There is much more to Hybrid than this one famous track, however.

Their first album, Wide Angle is quite possibly one of the best all-around electronic music albums of all time. Their fans have waited a long time for another original production album, and we have been rewarded for our patience with the excellent new album Morning Sci-Fi. The album resonates of the duo’s trademark deep beats, charged melodies, eerie bridges, and distorted effects. As always, they blend the symphonic and the electronic with precision rarely heard, and it is truly a treat for the ears.

Morning Sci-Fi lacks the catchy vocalized tunes of its predecessors, with the cloest to such a track being “Blackout,” the last on the album. A few of the vocals are extremely reminiscent of some of VAST’s offerings. Overall, though, the album feels much more ambient than either Wide Angle or Remix and Additional Production. Don’t let that deter you, though: It’s still new Hybrid, and comes highly recommended.