My Home Town Under Water

Highland, IN, the town where I grew up, got drenched yesterday in torrential downpours that flooded out streets, homes, basements, and schools. The Times is reporting basements being washed out from under homes, and it seems that some students were picked up in boats from Southridge Elementary School yesterday. NinjaBitch stands in the knee deep water flooding her street. Several of my friends who still live in the area were worried for their homes or their families’ homes, and most seemed to have gotten by okay. The exceptions seem to be Snuble’s parents’ basement which was flooded because the ditch in the back overflowed, and Mike S. who has 4+ feet of water in the basement.

The Times also put together a slideshow of the flood. There are a lot of places I recognize in there, and it’s really weird to see them all flooded out like that. It almost looks like something out of New Orleans, except that there are a lot of people smiling and having a good time with a bad situation.

(Thanks to Brian over at Atlas Computers for the photo.)