Lies, censored Lies, and Censorship (Warning: Bad Language)

I was just updating my PGP Key page so that it showed my fingerprint, as well as a method for easily contacting me to personally verify that fingerprint. I made my changes, and saved the page. When the page re-displayed, however, I noticed that one row in the key was sticking out farther than it should. On closer inspection, the base64 encoding contained the characters “*censored*” right in the middle of one line!

Apparantly, the latest update to my blog software added a new Wash-Your-Mouth-Out-With-Soap feature. (No, not the WSDL-XML-SOA kind, the Lever 2000 kind). I have just disabled that feature.

In the interests of Free speech, and because my Mother reads this blog, the filtered words are:

  • fuck
  • cunt
  • fucker
  • fucking
  • pussy
  • cock
  • c0ck
  • cum
  • twat
  • clit
  • bitch
  • fuk
  • fuking
  • motherfucker

I can’t help but notice the plethora of other offensive words that seem to be missing from this list? Obviously, the writers of Geeklog didn’t think to ask George Carlin for his exhaustive list. I mean, “shit,” “piss,” “cocksucker,” and “tits,” along with their various l33t forms, are conspicuously absent. What a bunch of slackers.